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Last updated March 2024

Want to watch sensationally awesome Best hardboiled detective Tv Shows? We assembled 30 marvelous Best hardboiled detective Tv Shows with universal acclaim from revered IMDB critics and our own legion of discerning users. Available for instant viewing, these world-class titles are as jaw-droppingly good as entertainment gets. Help fellow fans uncover buried treasures by voting for the titles you feel are keepers. We appreciate members who take the time to pay it forward with great recommendations!

Vera (2011)

Plot Summary:

A sharp detective with a messy life, DCI Vera Stanhope patrols her “patch” of northeast England, pursuing the truth in cases of murder, kidnapping, and blackmail. Vera is obsessive about her work and faces the world with caustic wit, guile and courage

Duration: 90 min

IMDB Rating: 8.1/10

IMDB Votes: 18000

Genere: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Country: UK

Plot tags: female detective, police investigation, crime investigation, murder, police detective, who done it, murder mystery, british police, law enforcement, investigation, police procedural, right hand man, police, british, criminal, murderer, forensics, murder investigation, police officer, victim, good versus evil, partner, evidence, buddy, buddy cop

Cardinal (2017)

Plot Summary:

Detective John Cardinal attempts to uncover the mystery of what happened to the missing 13-year-old girl whose body is discovered in the shaft-head of an abandoned mine. At the same time, he comes under investigation by his new partner, Lise Delorme, a tough investigator in her own right

Duration: 42 min

IMDB Rating: 7.8/10

IMDB Votes: 11000

Genere: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Country: Canada

Plot tags: serial killer, homicide detective, psychopath, murder mystery, murder investigation, police corruption, police detective, police investigation, partners in crime, psycho killer, sadist, forensic, uncover truth, child murder, police officer, police, investigation, hunting, criminal, forensics, nypd, police procedural, exodus, brutal murder, frozen body

Justified: City Primeval (2023)

Plot Summary:

Having left the hollers of Kentucky 15 years ago, Raylan Givens is now based in Miami, balancing life as a marshal and part-time father of a 15-year-old girl. A chance encounter on a Florida highway sends him to Detroit and he crosses paths with Clement Mansell, aka The Oklahoma Wildman, a violent sociopath who’s already slipped through the fingers of Detroit’s finest once and wants to do so again

Duration: 48 min

IMDB Rating: 7.4/10

IMDB Votes: 15000

Genere: Crime, Drama

Country: USA

Plot tags: nypd, u.s. marshal, murderer, defense attorney, con man, gunslinger, law enforcement, lawyer, police officer, heroes, police, warrior, tough guy, criminal, sociopath, policewoman, father daughter relationship, crime investigation, interracial relations, female lawyer, district attorney, family drama, modern western, waitress, city life


Baptiste (2019)

Plot Summary:

Julien Baptiste delves into the criminal underworld of the red light district and uncovers a complex web of deceit and lies

Duration: 60 min

IMDB Rating: 7.3/10

IMDB Votes: 10000

Genere: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Country: UK

Plot tags: murder, private detective, criminal underworld, investigation, gangster, niece, missing girl, retired cop, hitman, stolen money, danger, human trafficking, aspiration, dutch mafia, ex girlfriend, sex worker, missing person, uncle, father daughter relationship, husband wife relationship, uncle niece relationship, englishman abroad, psychological drama, frenchman abroad

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