Searching data

You can search data in FlexSearch in two ways:

  1. Using one of the FlexSearch clients (C#, TypeScript or JavaScript)
  2. By submitting the HTTP request yourself (using a tool like Fiddler, for example)

Search using the C# Client

For demonstration purposes, let’s use the country index that already has data in it. Please see the Setting up the demo index section in order to initialize the country index. You can find the source code of this example in the Samples Github repository.

Let’s say we want to get all contries that have a population greater than 100 million and have a name that contains United.

Get the Search API

For accessing the Search web services, you will need an instance of the SearchApi.

var searchApi = new SearchApi("http://localhost:9800");

Create your SearchQuery that contains the query string

For this you simply need to create a SearchQuery object and pass the name of the index and the query string. In the case of our example, the query string will be:

gt(population, '100000000') AND allOf(countryname, 'United')

By default no columns will be returned from the search, so you also need to specify which columns to bring back. For this example we will bring all columns. This results in the following C# code:

var queryString = "gt(population, '100000000') AND allOf(countryname, 'United')";
var query = new SearchQuery("country", queryString)
    Columns = new string[] { "*" }

Submitting the search to FlexSearch

For this you just need to call the Search method on the SearchApi:

var response = searchApi.Search("country", query);

The InterpretResponse function is defined here:

private void InterpretResponse(SearchResponse response)
    if (response.Error?.Message != null)
        var records = response.Data.Documents;
        var countryNameOfFirstRecord = records[0].Fields["countryname"];
        var totalAvailableNumberOfRecords = response.Data.TotalAvailable;

Search by writing the HTTP request ourselves

Please have a look at the REST documentation for Search APIs.

Query examples

Please refer to the Query Functions to go through search examples.