Indexing documents

You can index documents in FlexSearch in two ways:

  1. Using one of the FlexSearch clients (C#, TypeScript or JavaScript)
  2. By submitting the HTTP request yourself (using a tool like Fiddler, for example)

For demonstration purposes, let’s add documents to an already existing index named contact that has a name column of type Text and an age column of type Int.

Indexing documents using the C# client

First you need to get hold of an API that has the CreateDocument web service method. You can use either the CommonApi or the DocumentsApi:

var documentsApi = new DocumentsApi("http://localhost:9800");

After initializing the C# client, we need to get hold of the FlexSearch.Api.Model.Document objects that we want to index. Here I’m just creating 10 sample documents with name and age columns populated.

public IEnumerable<Document> GetSampleDocuments(int count, string indexName)
    for (var i = 1; i < count + 1; i++)
        var documentId = i.ToString();
        var d = new Document(documentId, indexName);

        // Assume the given index has 2 fields: 'name' and 'age'
        d.Fields.Add("name", "name-number-" + i);
        d.Fields.Add("age", (i + 20).ToString());

        yield return d;

Now we just need to index these documents using the CreateDocument method.

foreach (var doc in GetSampleDocuments(10, "contact"))
    var response = documentsApi.CreateDocument(doc, doc.Id);
    Debug.Assert(response.Error?.Message == null);
    var createdDocumentId = response.Data.Id; // Should be between 1 and 10

Indexing documents by writing the HTTP request ourselves

Please have a look at the REST documentation for Document Management APIs.