Closing an index

Closing an index will just make the index unavailable for any changes or searches. It will not delete or modify any data. You can reopen / activate an index at any time.

You can close an index in FlexSearch in two ways:

  1. Using one of the FlexSearch clients (C#, TypeScript or JavaScript)
  2. By submitting the HTTP request yourself (using a tool like Fiddler, for example)

For demonstration purposes, let’s asume we already have an active / opened index named contact.

Closing an index using the C# client

First you need to get hold of an API that has the UpdateIndexStatus web service method. You can use the IndicesApi:

var indicesApi = new IndicesApi("http://localhost:9800");

Now we can call the UpdateIndexStatus method, supplying the name of the index and the status as a string. The status can have one of the following values: online or offline. We are, of course, going to set the status to offline.

The response doesn’t contain any data, it just contains the Error part.

var response = indicesApi.UpdateIndexStatus("contact", "offline");

// This method doesn't return any significant data. It just reports any errors.
if (response.Error?.Message != null)

Closing an index by writing the HTTP request ourselves

Please have a look at the REST documentation for Index Management APIs.