CSV Connector


The CSV Connector is nothing more than a FlexSearch plugin. It allows users to import data into a FlexSearch index from a CSV file or folder by POST-ing a request to a specific endpoint.

Request object

You can find the CsvIndexingRequest request object in the Reference section of the REST API.

Important Notes:

  • The Path parameter supports passing either a folder or a .csv file. If a folder is passed, then all files with a *.csv extension will be processed.

  • If the HasHeaderRecord parameter is set to False, then the Headers parameter MUST be specified.
    If the HasHeaderRecord parameter is set to True, then the Headers parameter will be ignored.

  • The first column in the CSV file will be taken as the index ID. Therefore, make sure that you offset your column names by 1 in the Headers array.


Assuming you want to import data into the contact index, you would need to POST a CsvIndexingRequest to the following endpoint:



Please have a look at the sample file from the CSV Connector repository. It shows how to create the client, instantiate a request, send the request to FlexSearch, then check the status of that request.